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Veronica Grimm Breast Cancer Treatment Testimonial



Breast Cancer

Veronica’s Testimonial

Hi, my name is Veronica, and I'm from the state of Washington, and about a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage three, and went through the chemotherapy for 17 weeks, had the tumor removed, did a lumpectomy, and had the tumor removed and lymph nodes, and found out there was still cancer in the tissue, and so instead of doing more, not more, but it's starting radiation, and being on a hormone pill for 10 years, we opted to look for alternative treatments, and we did a Google search, actually for another place that we had heard of. But in all of that, we found New Hope, and so we checked into New Hope, and from the very first phone call that we received back, it has just been nothing but kindness and genuine authenticity from everyone that we've encountered here. 10 days later, after that first phone call, we arrived, and for the last 12 days have just gone through some amazing therapies and treatments, to cleanse the body and to get it established in a good direction, to be able to have the body do what it's supposed to do and to heal itself, and along with all of the different therapies and stuff. It's just been quite an experience. And again, everyone here has just been absolutely amazing, so kind and caring, and attentive, and every question has been answered, and the food is good, and the lectures are good. Everything we've learned has been really good and is going to help move me forward, move us forward in the journey to becoming healthy again, and so I'm looking forward and anticipating good results through this, and if this is something you're looking for, I would highly encourage you to reach out and to get your questions answered and find the way to get here because this is going to be a life-changing experience for you, and good things are in store for you as they are for me. Thanks.

Talk is speaking from the place of being support for Veronica. I am a person that really values understanding different cultures, and coming to San Luis, just, I haven't ever experienced everyone on the streets, in the stores, especially here at New Hope. Like they just were compassion in every exchange that I had with them, had personal conversations with several of the staff, very open to understanding different parts of culture that they don't understand, and wanted to try to understand where I was coming from. So I just, there was always more than enough food for me as just being a support for Veronica. All the facilities are just, just amazing. So we're hoping that you make a choice to really seriously considered New Hope Unlimited. Thank you.

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