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Susan Fentress – Ovarian Cancer Survivor



Ovarian Cancer

Susan's Testimonial

  Susan: Hi my name is Susan and this is my husband Albert, we’re here at the New Hope Cancer Center and we’d like to tell you a little about our experience here. Susan: I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in June of 2016. On June 16 to be exact and within a week, they were giving me chemo. There was an urgency, sense of urgency that I needed to get something done and so I went through 3 rounds of Chemo, 3 weeks apart and then had surgery and then had 3 more rounds of Chemo. The pathology report that came out after the surgery showed that the Chemo was having little effect on the cancer, yet I wanted to continue the Chemo. Looking back, I wish I had not done at least the last three and I was tired of being sick, I was tired of being of not feeling good; so the doctors gave me very little hope of there being a cure for me. They said there was Clinical Trial. I didn’t care about being a guinea pig and taking more medicine. There was a new drug that had serious side effects and there was the option to do nothing; so I did not chose any of those. I began to look for alternative methods, things would be my body back up. My sister told me about the New Hope Center. I also researched other places as well but something drew me to new hope and I know, I watched the testimonials, I was impressed with those and I was also impressed with Dr.Branyon's Story. So we made a call and talked to the lady named Jackie. Jackie was very helpful she was the patient coordinator. She was very helpful and gave me a lots of good new information and we begin to make plans to come to Arizona and, so we got here, everyone met us upfront and gave us a hug. We felt so welcomed right from the beginning and we felt that way the whole time we’ve been here. You wanna tell more about out experience? Albert: Well, all the people we’ve meet while we're here has become like family almost, a great support group. They want to tell their stories. Each one had a different type of cancer and I thought that was unusual to say the least; but we’ve become very close friends and I would recommend this place, very nice, clean, neat place and very light back background, I feel comfortable and welcomed here. Susan: About the treatments have been all natural treatments that I had no pain, I have not felt bad. The food is good; there's plenty of it. Everything that has been done to and for us has been very positive and when we started out with this we felt, I felt hopeless, you know, no one gave me any hope but when we came here we were given hope. And If you’re feeling that there is no way out of this for you that is not true; because, there is a way out. So we hope that you go check out New Hope and this place we’ve been with it. Thank you
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