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Stephanie Downes – Breast Cancer Survivor



Breast Cancer

Stephanie's Testimonial

  Hi, my name is Stephanie. I found out 5 years ago that I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3. Unfortunately, I almost made it 5 years later and breast cancer came back. This time it came back as bone metastasis and I knew immediately as soon as I found out that cancer had come back that there’s no way I was gonna go through the conventional treatments that I did 5 years ago. So I started my search and luckily I found out about New Hope Unlimited and from the moment I stepped out of the van and arrived here at New Hope Unlimited, I was greeted with warmth and love. And it never stopped the entire time I was here. I feel great, I’m so happy that I chose New Hope Unlimited because I feel that they’re going to be with me this whole journey, every step of the way. And they had taught me so much about, how to be healthy and how to be a better me during this process. And I just want to encourage all of you, never give up, keep looking. There’s so many different methods of treating cancer and staying positive and so many people out there that will truly show you how much they’d love and care for you, and you can do this.
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