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Peter Sipek – Pancreatic Cancer Survivor



Pancreatic Cancer

Peter's Testimonial

Peter Sipek

Oh, hi! My name is Pete I am from Wisconsin. On December 28 of 2018, I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. It makes me cry right away, it was a big shocker. You know, I didn't know where I was gonna go from there but once I got that all absorbed and took that all in. We both took it in, and I did the normal route, and went to the doctor, and went through, and got chemo treatments, and all of that stuff for five months. You know that it is not fun. It's a painful experience. Not something I recommend for anyone because it is just poison going in your body. You what? I did that, and you know a lot of side effects, I had. In my second round, it was not good. Inside myself, I knew that something is wrong with that treatment, and it turned out that it didn't do anything for me. I mean, it kept the cancer from spreading, I guess but it didn't really do anything to cure or put my cancer in remission, or anything.

So then the words came out from the doctors, that there's nothing more that they can do for me, cause surgery was not an option, and when those words came out, I think I cried for a day, and then from there, Gina who is into a lot of holistic, stuff - medicine that is what she does for a living, and said "Hey we gonna figure something out, and do something else, and let's try the holistic part of the whole thing".

So she told me and do my homework, so I got on the internet and start searching. I found what I was looking for as I needed New Hope. That's what I - popped up, I'll get through that. So, New Hope popped up on my searches, I read about New Hope and made a phone call, and sent of all of my information to New Hope and then, I talk to quite a few people about what the treatments were, what it would entail, and sounded right to me, that was the right fit. I consulted with Gin and my family and you know we went through all that process seemed to be the right thing to do. They would work with my immune system and build my immune system up and fight the cancer myself, instead of like western medicine, trying to just kill the tumor or remove it. This was my body, you know fighting it. So that really intrigued me. So, of course, we did more research on it and you know, after more discussions when I got accepted to New Hope I was like let's do this, let's get it going cause there is no way, that I was gonna let anybody tell me that this is it, go home and die. Go get chemo, go home and die. I was not gonna accept that and I didn't. I think it was, a week... (stop crying). It was like a week before, I was able to get here. When, I went through the whole process of getting all of my medical records, and all that stuff to New Hope, you know I. I said discuss it with my family, I was able to get everything in line to be able to come to New Hope. I remember a time where I was on the plane or I think it was the plane, "What am I doing?" I'm on a plane, flying to Yuma, Arizona and then get on a bus and cross the border, and go to Mexico, (chuckles) and I'm gonna get cancer treatments that are not available in the US and you know I was just like "Wow, that's so surreal. I can't believe I am doing this".

So, once I got here, I mean it was amazing, everybody was just fantastic from the hotel and then crossing the border, coming to the treatment center and just meeting everybody just changed my mind right away. I know I made the right decision because everybody was so accommodating, helpful and it was just amazing. The minute I got here, the intense treatments from running into night "oh my gosh this is crazy". You know what my chemo and western medicine they do anything, why wouldn't this work. This is so much more intense, and it seems like everybody was just so supportive on me, before it was kinda like okay, here is your medicine, here's your chemo, you know like just kinda go home and like, it wasn't a lot of support there from the other doctors, "Oh yeah, keep doing what you're doing". You know and it wasn't going anywhere. Where is here, the attitude from everyone is just so positive, it was amazing. (I'm gonna cry) but I guess from the treatments when they first started, the first day, they're grabbing blood, and doing dendritic cells and all that stuff, stuff I didn't know much about, but the doctors were able to explain everything to me in detail, know exactly what was going all at all times, and just so informative and things like that really help me process. I've learned so much about, what I have, and how the process works. I feel like an expert now, I share this with as many people as I can, and it works that the bottom line. It's completely working for me. I went from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, to I think I have just a little spot left in my pancreas, which is hard to detect in the PET scan. I am very close to being NED - No Evidence of Disease, so I'm that close. I am back for booster to get rid of the rest of my cancer. I mean it's amazing, I was in touch with my oncologist in this whole process, through all blood tests, and being monitoring, and he came back after my scan, and he was like, "What are you doing?", and I explained to him. They didn't really want to hear from me, what I did at first but once everything started working, like tumor shrinking, all this stuff. -"What are you doing?". "Hey, I told you all before." Here it is, it's all there, they're were amazed, they are sharing, what I did to their colleagues, and the cancer tumor board - I think, in Wisconsin. So yeah, I mean amazing, this is just amazing and it's a miracle.

Trying not to do this crying, I got the news that I was all clear. I was clear on my liver which the cancer has metastasized to my liver and I got the news from my PET scan. It was on Dec 20, so that was like the best Christmas present ever. I want you to take over for a little bit.

Gina Stanley

So hi, I'm Gin - Pete's girlfriend. I am his motivator, his life coach. His kick-in-the-butt-er. So we have been through a lot. 2019 was a year that we won't forget but we never want to happen again, so going to the process, starting with the diagnosis of December of 2018, it was hard to believe. I knew what we have to do from day one, but you are taught and told -to do the cancer route. Which is chemo, radiation and listen to your doctors. So I respected Pete's decision to do that, stayed by his side and still added my holistic nutrition in there, because I knew what we had to do with his immune system. So we went through that. Once hearing from the doctors that there is no hope and pretty much sent him home and told him to get his things in order, it was hard hearing that but I knew that we are not going to settle with that and we knew what we had to do. So like he said, you have to do your homework because you have to feel it from the heart, of where he needed to go, he needs to feel that. So we talked about it, I researched New Hope, did a lot of research with New Hope. I spoke with, I can't remember who, they intake intensively. We knew, unfortunately, I cannot come with him, for his first round and to be honest. My family wasn't sure if that, it would be safe for me being a caretaker, because we didn't know. So I stayed back cheered him up from home, but he kept me on the loop every day. Videos and I talk to people and so, going through that and the four months to follow with New Hope, it was amazing the supplements he brought home, the protocols, the recipes. So much support from New Hope, and it was all black and white. We knew that this was it, we have to work hard and Pete did. We followed the protocol, we followed everything that the New Hope and the staff, and the doctors here told him what to do. We spoke to them numerous times every week. If Pete has a question or concern. He called - they answered, and told him exactly what to do. So the support from New Hope is unbelievable, after getting the results in December that the cancer was gone off his liver it was just a miracle, it was just amazing. I screamed actually New Hope at the top of my lungs outside, and I called and I'm Facebook-ing everybody knows about New Hope. It gave Pete his life. It gave him hope to live. We know that we are gonna beat this. It takes a family, and team of doctors and staff of New Hope. They're in your corner, they fight with you, and they want you to survive, they want you to get better, and it's not just the supplements, and the treatments and the medical part, it is actually everything, the spiritual part, the motivation, the affirmations. It's the fight and New Hope gives you that fight. I am here now on this round, and it's amazing, so safe, there is nothing to worry about. It is beautiful. The facility -the medical treatment center is amazing. It is spotless and clean, and the energy is great. I have learned a lot, even though I know a lot, but I've learned so much while I've been here. I just can't say enough about New Hope and if all of us just tell five people, and those five people could tell five people. This could be global, and we could help people to live. Cancer is not a death treatment or a death sentence. There is Hope and you get it here at New Hope. So I am so glad that I am here with Pete and we got this we do.

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