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Mimi Edwards – Breast Cancer Survivor



Breast Cancer

Mimi's Testimonial

  I’m Mimi McArthur Edwards and I am here at New Hope Medical Center to be treated for breast cancer. I discovered that I had stage four breast cancer having had a normal mammogram three months before the people I went to recognized that I actually had breast cancer and in fact, it was stage four. Everybody in my family and my husband’s had done oncology the normal way and everyone of them had a miserable torture and had died anyway. I just been through that with my dearest friend. (And) I just decided, I knew dying with cancer would be hideous but I was not gonna overlay it with typical oncology approach. So, I came to New Hope. However, I did accept and was very grateful for an estrogen blocker that is typical oncology. But I knew that would not completely eradicate what I was dealing with, so I came here to New Hope. They have never caused me pain. They have never made me sick within the protocols that they had used for me. And whereas I started out with multiple metastases, I had a primary breast tumor that was about five centimeters by something, huge. I had three large breast cancer tumors in my liver and I had multiple bone metastases and several other vertebrae in my spine and a rib or two, in my sternum and in my collar bone. When I went back after being treated here for 23 days, I came 2 weeks, I came 2 days, I came an extra week. The PET scan - the evaluating PET scan said that it had completely resolved. It had in fact not completely resolved but I am now down to two, much, much smaller tumors in my liver, that are on the way down, that are resolving. The one have must completely gone and I have made progress here I would never have expected to make, had I done it the usual way. Had I done it the usual way, if you are listening to this. What they would’ve launched at me was stage four breast cancer and the metastases I have right now I’d be 7/8 dead, wishing I were dead or I would be dead. So if you're considering an alternative approach to cancer, nothing they do here is crazy, weird or odd. They understand how cancer functions and they explain to you how cancer functions. Let me ask you. Has your oncology department explained that to you? Anyway, I just couldn't recommend this program highly enough. The people here are kind, they are competent and they are certified medical professionals. Don't be afraid to come to Mexico, they're just great. The hospital’s fine, it's clean, wonderful. I just had wonderful experiences here and I would recommend it to anybody. My name is Mimi McArthur Edwards and I approve of this message. I am really approve of this message.
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