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Mark Clark – Bladder Cancer Survivor



Bladder Cancer

Mark's Testimonial

  Hello! My name is Mark Clark. I’m from Columbus, Ohio. About ten weeks ago, one morning on my way to work I got ill and went to the hospital. Two days later, I was diagnosed, they told me with bladder cancer. About 1 week after that I went into my doctor’s office and they had suggested that I take full chemotherapy and have a bladder replacement, where they made a new bladder out of my intestines and I’ve always been the type of person, I don’t believe in any type of chemotherapy or anything like that did hurt your body. So I went home that night and I started looking on a computer for different ways of, being able you know, to treat myself. And on the computer, New Hope popped up and I read all about it and looked into it and it pretty much was everything that I personally believed in and so I called the phone number and the next day A gentleman from the company called me back and kinda claims the deal for me. It was about a 2-hour conversation I had with him on the phone. He told me just about everything like I was saying it myself. I set up a deal and come down here, I've been here for twelve days. I’m leaving today. I feel great the staff here i just absolutely excellent, the doctors, I mean everybody here is just wonderful. I guess if, you know I’m not good at these things, you know what, no one probably is, maybe somebody better than others but I guess my thought would be if I made this, so if you know get an opportunity to watch this, during the time… from the time I got sick until the time I found the New Hope thing in that period of a week. I pretty much thought, "Well I’m gonna die because of you know, I don’t believe in the other types of treatments and there just wasn't anything else for me", and the New Hope thing comes up and everything really is New Hope of what they did here for us, and all the medications and everything that they taught and everything it, it really gives me, great confidence and I’m gonna go home and then, then I’m gonna be okay. I, I feel good on my test results that came back good and everything, just everything that they’ve told me I believed in, all the different treatments and things it’s, When you first come in, it’s a little bit like you don’t know exactly what to expect and day by day, you just learn more, you stick it out, you what you’re told, what they tell you to do. Very, very helpful and here I am at the, getting ready to leave in the next couple of hours from twelve days ago. I promise you if I’m not better in six months, in a year or in 6 six years that I would come back here and do this again because it’s really been a learning experience for me and I can't say enough about everyone. Everybody around here just has been great and I hope it has helped someone. I don’t know if it’s ever possible but I'll leave my email address and if anyone here would like to contact me that’s having a problem that wants to come here, I’d be more than happy to talk to you on the phone first hand and tell you more in depth of my experiences. Thank you very much!
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