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Manuela Merris – Colon Cancer Survivor



Colon Cancer

Manuela's Testimonial

  Hi my name is Manuela Merris, I’ve been, what is today? February the 3rd? and I was diagnosed with Colon cancer on January the 10th. That was in a hospital in Plano, Texas and a week of tests and colonoscopy and PET scan and CAT scan, revealed there were also Metastases in the lungs, in the ovaries, in the bones and the tumor was in the big part of the Colon. Of course the Oncologist saw me and they suggested chemotherapy and I wanted to get a second opinion. I talked to some of my friends and they said “you need to go to this other hospital in Dallas. UT Southwest, they're really, really good; so we went ahead and made an appointment with them A week after I was released from the hospital there. And that was a big disappointment. It was exactly the same thing, it was chemo, with exactly the same drug and I said “Is there not anything else?”, he said “No ma'am, this is all there is.” And I said “ok” and uhm, I left and went home and I, just knew, that I was not going to do Chemo, because all my life, I've lived a very natural life. I’ve always tried to eat healthy, live healthy, I enjoy the sunset and I love just watching the bird and the tree. I’m just a very natural person. I don’t wear any make up. I’ve always taking care of my body because, as we've learned in church, my body is my vessel, Okay? It was given to me by God and I need to take care of it and that's what I have done to the best of my knowledge all these years. All my friends know me as the health nut because I wouldn't just eat healthy because you know, you're supposed to, I loved eating healthy and I made everybody around me eat healthy so I was very, very in tune with nature. And then I've seen these options here to poison my body and I couldn't do that to me. That is just against everything that I have ever done to myself, is to poison my body with Chemotherapy and I'm like, "There has to be something else." So I finally went on Google and I googled "Alternative Cancer Treatment" and there happened to be, I opened them and popped up and I just could not believe when I looked at it and every single thing my mom had googled, popped up and they were offering in that program: the B17, the baking soda the, what else, I can’t remember, I mean, all of these other things that she had researched, the oxygen therapy. All of these was right there and it was offered by this company but I just can’t believe it and I said, we need to call this number, I mean, to know, we need to find some information. So we called the number and I think the first person we called was Nancy; and I was remember, I was there writing all the stuff down into what she was telling me what they were all gonna do and again who talked to me that guy I can’t remember it all but it sounded so good, it sounded like “This was a structured program for twelve days where I could be there and you know, I could bring my mom, we could go through this together and then build the plan from there on, on what we really need to do and learn most of all learn how you do it right not just google and try but really learn how to do it right. That is how I ended up here and I think it’s the best I could have done. It gives you so much hope and so much energy and Dr.Branyon’s lectures and her positive energy, it just kinda, its just kinda takes over, you know, feels you with that same kind of energy and It’s just been more than how I expected. I mean, we've learned so much things were things I’ve did experience, we had to go through here that, you know, I have not even heard about. That was new to us; but is like state of the art technology from all over the world. In addition to what we’ve heard; so now we have foundation. What we did here was we built a foundation and what we can do now is what's based on what we have learned from Dr.Branyon and our own experiences and talking with the Doctor’s and what they think they would do and stuff and they were validating some things--other things, cautioning us. We have really good action plan to go home and we know what to do. We know what to do and I don’t feel alone when I'm back there because I know New Hope will be still there in contact with us and guide us along the way. So I think it was the right decision and I thank God for opening that webpage for me that night. I really do; because, it was still a blessing, it is a blessing and I will do anything in my power to stick with this and get through this and get well.
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