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Kim – Anal Cancer Survivor



Anal Cancer

Kim's Testimonial

  I was diagnosed in September 2014 with anal cancer and after a year of traditional methods- things haven’t been working properly or healing. So, I’ve made a decision with guided help from friends to come down to New Hope and I have checked in here for a 12 day-regimen and I, in 3 days have eaten more food that I have in 3 months. (I) Have been treated amazing it’s, people are wonderful. Very warm and welcome here in San Luis, Mexico. I can’t recommend these clinic enough. The doctors have absolutely twice a day, everyday. The nurse is, are almost to the point of irritating seriously, they are just so sweet. The cleaning people have been in the room twice a day, I have to tell, “leave, I haven’t made a mess”. Fantastic, highly recommended, what a wonderful crew, very, very much like a little family. And my name is Kim and I approve of this video.
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