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Kevin Hunter – Alternative Prostate Cancer Testimonial



Prostate Cancer

Kevin's Testimonial

Kevin: Hi there, my name is Kevin Hunter, Cedar Rapids IOWA, I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer back in fall of 2015.

My journey started in the United States, I went to one of the top cancer treatment centers and I’ve been going there for a number of years and I went through all the protocols. I did the 6 different types of chemotherapy. And they were giving me a test treatment and I went through 3 of those, my PSA kept climbing at started 84, then it climbed at 90 something then it climbed to a 160 and that’s when my family, well actually we started investigating alternative medicine my son in law and my daughter way back but I was the typical American I trusted our doctors in the United States and I still do. But they weren’t able to cure me and they ran all the options for me so we started looking at Mexico, we didn’t even know about new hope, to be honest with you. We were looking at ones in Tijuana and we’re really excited about going to Tijuana but that would quite where our destination is gonna be for treatment.

We got on the internet immediately, looked at New Hope, we saw it was in San Luis, didn’t know much about San Luis but started researching that to heard holding good things about it. but of course being foreigners gringos you know you still have that feeling that you know, will I be welcome in Mexico with all the things that are going on. and I like to emphasize to you that you are welcome in Mexico. When we arrived here at the new hope hospital, the nurses came out front and you’re like what are they doing? they’re hugging us as we’re getting off the van. it’s incredible. they welcome me into the scene like you know, we’re their brothers and sisters and were here for 12 days and we’re gonna bond and that’s what happened. You know they told us we’ll have a light day when we got here on Monday well, I don’t wanna say that was a lie but it was definitely a fib. they got us started right away and i mean these treatments are nothing like the treatments that they have in the United States. They didn’t do a single treatment that I’ve done in the last 2 and a half years with the American conventional way.

To say that they know how to work on the immune system is absolutely the truth. they get your body, they detox you, and they get your immune system to work. so that your immune system is killing cancer cells. and i can’t put enough emphasis on that. the united states only talks about remission, you never hear anything about killing cancer cells. and this place they talk about killing cancer cells. and I don’t know about you but to me, that’s why I wanna be here. I want my body to be able to kill cancer cells. so, the bottom line is, I would emphasize this to anyone. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. this is my 12th day, but i can’t tell you i have faith in it. I believe God has brought us here and that the path was crossed and this is a Christian based institute. Whether you’re a believer or a non-believer you know, I pray you’re a believer because this journey is very hard without God in your life. but if you’re not, you may be ready to hear about it a little bit here because there’s hope here. and God puts hope in your heart, puts hope in everybody else. so, I’m excited to go home. I, unfortunately, know a number of people that are battling cancer right now and some of them are in their late stages as I am and they’re waiting for me to come home. we get a facebook page and they’ve been following us for the last 12 days. I’ve had 2 more contact me via email that they’ve found out about it and they want us to come over and have dinner with them and speak to them about it. so I’m gonna go home back to IOWA. and I’m gonna go and I’m gonna spread the word and I’m gonna tell people about new hope and it is not. it doesn’t have to be the last choice but it should be your first choice.

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