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Correna Benson – Brain Cancer Survivor



Brain Cancer

Corenna's Testimonial

  Hi, my name is Corenna and I'm going to start crying, because I love this place. And I was studying "hope" in my bible and this came upon me when I was on my phone, on the Internet, it was like God sent it to me and He did and the people here are so compassionate. As soon as we got here, it was, you could tell instantly, they were waiting for us and you just got out, and you hugged, and you got big hugs, and welcomed, and loved, and the doctors and nurses have so much compassion and empathy that is just, you just know that they are healing and they’re going for you and they ask questions and it’s wonderful. The best thing about it, there was hope, you have hope you don’t give up and you’re never ever going to give up because they’re going to heal you; because of hope, simple as that, HOPE.
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