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Charlie Hammond – Pancreatic Cancer Survivor



Pancreatic Cancer

Charlie's Testimonial

  CHARLIE: I’m Charlie Hammond from Sierra, Pennsylvania and I’ve come across the country to the clinic here. CHERINE: And I’m his daughter Cherine, and I came with him to support him and help him on his journey. CHARLIE: When I first, I have, well I had pancreatic surgery back in February. And I thought, said it was successful. They thought they got everything and everything was going well. On my three-month check-up, everything looked good. The blood work, everything good, and when sixth month check up, the blood work still looked good. And, but then, when they got the CAT scan they said, “Oh problem, your cancer is back.” Well, then you talk to the doctors and the Oncologist said, “Well, nothing we can do. For his diet, another reason on this point, it doesn’t matter. Eat whatever you want, when the pain gets too bad, we’ll take care of it”. That was my advice. I went in to see my chiropractor, a young forward thinking Chiropractor and he said, “Charlie” since I told my cancer is back, “Charlie, you gotta go to Mexico.” And I said “Yeah”, and I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah, at 87, I’m gonna take off for Mexico.” Well he went and got me a book, he had cancer killers book, and right in the back was listed, New Hope Unlimited. I guess you know, I was still dumbfounded thinking, wow at 87, I’m gonna take off for Mexico. I haven’t traveled anywhere in 25 years. And then the girls, they made calls and they arranged everything. And Cherine, because my wife wasn’t really able to come along on a trip like this, and Cherine came and organized everything. And now we’ve come here, and boy, it’s nothing but the greatest. And now I think wow, what if I really had said, “Mexico, no I can’t do that." Boy, I would have missed all of this and it is just changing your attitude and you realize, “Hey, it isn’t a death sentence after all”. There is hope and this is where we came for it. CHERINE: I thought people are gonna think “You’re going to Mexico? You know people are gonna take your money and what are you gonna get for?" That kind of thing, but no, it’s a whole different story. And just, meet Doctor Branyon and all the employees here. Everybody, there’s no way anybody could be any nicer or any more accommodating. And it’s a wonderful experience and to see what they can do and mean not Luis with his chemistry and the things he can do and when Dr. Branyon explains it, everything makes perfect sense. The way you wanna detox to your body and then build up your immune cells, it makes perfect sense. And you wonder why on earth isn’t the United States doing this? And why can’t we get that there? And it’s a shame. And we have to say that we’re very fortunate for Mexico because... CHARLIE: I expected people to say were, if I, when I would tell them what can I expected them to say “You’re going where? To do what?!” And boy, this is. Thank God that we did and they went ahead and made all the arrangements and that we came here. And from Doctor Branyon, every physician, every person here, every single person couldn’t be greater. They do everything they can... for us!
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