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Bladder Cancer

Julie's Testimonial

Hi I am Sherry Griffin, I am here because my partner Chuck has cancer. He's got bladder cancer, but I wanted to tell you a little bit before I get to him. I've been a caregiver, probably 4 times now. I've help with my husband, who chose to do nothing because he watched his family die, and he watch 'em die the hard way. His aunt had lung cancer metastasized to her brain. She did the chemo, she did cutting out of her body. He watched his brother die so quick he could do nothing because they said that he's been around asbestos and that the asbestos caught it on fire. The other uncle blow up from the chemo and died a very slow death that the chemo caused, the cancer to grow instead of killing it, We watched his father cut one piece of his lung. Do chemo, do radiation then cut out the whole lung. Do chemo, do radiation and on the end he did wind up with 10 years but it was because he was so young when he got it, and they cuttin' on him, cuttin' on him, and that is no way to be. I can hear with my Chuck, and you guys just do it so differently. I knew from watching him if he did the chemo and radiation, I've dreamt about it, and I knew that he wouldn't survive it, and so we keep looking and thank God his son-in-law found this place. New Hope. New Hope is different. It builds your immunity up instead of tearing it down. It gives you the Hope that you need, where you go home from chemo and you're sick and you are miserable and the states won't listen. I've read books, checked into things and the United States just doesn't do it right. So there is my story for you, I would say come to New Hope cause they give you Hope. My name is Charles, she is the better half I will ever have, well anyhow when we found out that I have cancer. I was in turmoil. My brain is going off wild and doing things it wouldn't do. Otherwise when you are healthy you are fine but when you've got a cancer, it is devastating. You don't know which way to go. So right away we figured.. I knew this, the chemo. Okay. When I went through that and I did one treatment and after that one treatment that was not for me. I am not gonna do that no more. So then like, she said that (points to wife) that my son-in-law found New Hope, and we contacted New Hope. It sounded like the way I wanna go, and so we made arrangements to come down here. We've been here for almost two weeks or twelve days. Everything has been great here. The one-on-ones, they take care of you. You can't believe it when you got here. They treat you like a human being not a dollar sign like in the States. I mean, it is all about money there. That's all they care about. Whether cared or not. To here they care, and they follow you even you leave here. So it's where you go. For me anyways. The other thing that I will tell you is that don't hesitate. Try to come here as soon as you know that you have cancer. Because it is less for you to clean out of your body. Easier to build you immune up, and don't think age has anything to do with it. My Chuck is 80 years old, and he was accepted. We were so scared. So scared that they would deny us because of age, and I really really want you to understand. Just send them your stuff, so that they would know what is going on with you. You'll have a better chance here than anywhere else, seriously and I thank God everyday that we have found New Hope.

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