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Behira Aziz – Liver Cancer Survivor



Liver Cancer

Behira's Testimonial

  Behira: Well, my name is Behira Said Aziz and… I wanted to share my experiences here. What happened to me and how I ended up at New Hope. It happened to me very fast. I went to the doctors one day because I had a pain in my side and they did it an x-ray and they did a CT scan because they wanted to find out what the pain was because it was like masked in my side and into my breast bone and when I did the CT scan, they found out that it was in fact, cancer. Mouhamad: In December, I believe it was Dec. 25th, The pain got unbearable and I think it was about 3 o'clock in the morning that I took her to the emergency hospital and they admitted her. Most of the time you have to wait and this,that but then she was in the hospital within an hour or thereabouts, admitted and then she stayed there for quite sometime and then went to University hospital, I think it is in Maryland. Behira: They told me that I was gonna need a liver transplant along with chemotherapy and radiation and all the normal stuff to get rid of cancer. In the meantime I was, I like to research anyway. So I was researching all the stuff out there and I came about this book on cancer which I found very interesting where the author was saying that cancer could be healed. Mouhamad: She was in pain, significant pain. Much of the time and still doing research etc. And she told me about New Hope and I was a little bit skeptical actually, Not, I didn’t know anything about New Hope, I just know people lie... about all kind of things. So I did try to do little research myself. And saw various things online and didn’t found anything that was really negative because people said good and bad things about everybody, so I didn’t find anything negative about it and I found some things that were good. Behira: I, I was reading on New hope because I was reading about places that had people with cancer that were compassionate and took more care of their cancer patients. I called New Hope, they didn’t have any room for me or anything, I was in the hospital, but they told me they would do what they could do to get me in which was a blessing to me because when I first came here, I couldn’t even walk. Mouhamad: While we were here, all your services were appreciated obviously and I’m watching everything but you know, I’m a little skeptical anyway so I’m watching everything and in my own mind if not actually questioning, X Y Z, not that something was wrong but just to hear what people are saying, what the doctors are saying and what various people are saying because if they did this before and they had experience doing this with other people , their situation might have not been the same but they have stories to tell about how they treated people if they told, I mean if they answer questions. So I asked questions here, I asked questions there and then after a while, now I watched her and I’m looking with my own critical eye and honestly that she’s seemingly getting better, feeling better or walking better or laughing coz’ she wasn’t laughing in December that’s for sure. So I am looking at, you know, what I perceived to be incremental benefits or help or improvements. Behira: After being here and I’m leaving today in this two week period, I’m up on my feet, I’m able to walk, I feel so much better. This is a lifesaver for me, it’s a blessing and I just hope that my telling my story will also be a blessing to someone else. I think it’s amazing, the things that they do here in New Hope and I would recommend it to anybody and I would always say, never give up! Never give up hope!
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