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What is Ocular Melanoma?

Unlocking the possibility of eye melanoma remission starts with knowing vital information about the disease.

Ocular melanoma (melanoma in or around the eye) is a malignant (cancerous) disorder that occurs in the pigment-producing cells. These cells called melanocytes give color to your skin, hair, and eyes. Just like how melanoma can develop on your skin, it can also form inside your eye or on your conjunctiva.

Where Does Ocular Melanoma Occur?

Ocular melanoma, also called eye melanoma, most commonly arises in the cells of the middle layer of your eye (uvea). The uvea has three parts, all of which are susceptible to melanoma:

  • The iris. The colored section in the front of the eye.
  • The choroid layer. The layer of connective tissue and blood vessels between the sclera (white outer layer of the eye) and the retina (the layer at the back of the eyeball).
  • The ciliary body. The front of the uvea secreting the transparent liquid (aqueous humor) into the eye.

In rare cases, eye melanoma can occur on the conjunctiva — the mucous membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids and surrounds the outermost layer of the eye.

Eye Melanoma Symptoms in Men and Women

Signs of ocular melanoma often include:

  • Specks or flashes of dust in your vision (floaters)
  • A gradually enlarging dark spot on the iris
  • A change in the shape of the pupil of your eye
  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Poor or blurry vision in one eye

Ocular Melanoma Risk Factors

Because eye cancers are unpredictable diseases, the exact cause of ocular melanoma is not understood. However, the following factors may increase a man or woman’s risk:

  • Being white
  • Having light eye color
  • Having dysplastic nevus syndrome, an inherited skin condition
  • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Having certain genetic mutations
  • Increasing age

If you have risk factors for eye melanoma, discuss prevention with your doctor.

Tests for Eye Melanoma

Early diagnosis plays a significant role in improving your ocular melanoma prognosis and life expectancy. Your doctor may recommend these tests to find cancer of the eye:

  • Eye exam, including the use of:
    • Direct ophthalmoscope
    • Indirect ophthalmoscope
    • Gonioscopy lens
  • Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Fluorescein angiography
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan
  • Biopsy (removal of a small piece of the tumor for lab testing)

Why Choose Us for Alternative Ocular Melanoma Treatments?

Here at New Hope Unlimited, we have seen cases of almost every type of ocular cancer. Our treatment facility in Mexico offers a multitude of advanced treatments for malignant diseases, — including melanoma of the eye — more than most cancer centers in the United States. No matter your diagnosis, our alternative medicine practitioners and certified medical experts can deliver the comprehensive care you seek. Click here to know more about our treatment strategy.

Our Approach

Advanced Treatments for Ocular MelanomaAdvanced Treatments for Ocular Melanoma
Top Alternative Cancer DoctorsTop-Rated Physicians
Individualized Cancer CarePersonal Care
Satisfied Cancer PatientsPatient Satisfaction

Our Patient-Centric Medical Facilities

At New Hope Unlimited, we pride ourselves in providing superior comfort, cleanliness, and cancer care at our 8,000 square foot medical treatment center in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. We worked with renowned architects and contractors to create the ideal space for recovery, which includes state-of-the-art lounge areas and spacious private in-rooms that assure the comfort of our patients and their loved ones.

To make our patients feel right at home, we equip each private ward with high-definition U.S. television, quality bedding, and high-speed internet connection. And with proper nutrition playing a vital role in cancer recovery, New Hope Unlimited also fulfills the dietary needs of each patient using fresh, organic produce to prepare breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners.

Comfort and cleanliness are also strictly implemented in our medical treatment rooms, which are equipped with the latest medical supplies and technology to provide the highest standard of care and treatment. Our medical center also has an in-house Hyperbaric Chamber, a well-established therapy for decompression sickness, exclusively available for our patients’ use.

Further, New Hope Unlimited has maintained its exceptional partnership with Hospital Migoo, a medical group composed of certified physicians and specialists committed to our patients’ care and well-being.

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1. How common is ocular melanoma?

Eye melanoma is an extremely rare form of cancer with an incidence of 5 out of every 1 million men and women. And although this disease is rare, it is the most common eye cancer in adults.

2. What type of treatment does New Hope offer?

You will receive a 100 percent customized treatment plan based on your symptoms, previous eye cancer treatments, and general health, among several other factors. Click on the link to get more information on our alternative cancer treatments we offer by ocular melanoma.


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