Hi, my name is Sally Dorothy Zveibil, known as Dotty and I’m a patient here in New Hope Unlimited. We have found Doctor Branyon many years ago when our daughter needed help and she went to discussed the offered treatment, a very successful treatment with her new system so of course we always kept it in the front of our minds recommending to others. Little did I know that none even eight years later I was going to need some treatment here. I was diagnosed with fourth stage colorectal cancer and the doctors gave me even with conventional treatment ten percent chance of life. I chose not to take any of those because I believed in complementary housecare, so therefore we immediately thought as a family were getting contact with Doctor Branyon. She answered very quickly and very open to receiving me here in her location now in Mexico. It was quite an experience. Today is my very very last day and with what I feel is a very successful treatment. I can feel the movement in my body, from all the different treatments they have offered here. I’m feeling energetic and feeling quite wonderful and I think more importantly quite hopeful because when somebody gives you only a ten percent chance of living with conventional treatment that is really really low. I’m walking out of here with my head held high and my spirit soaring. And I want to thank Doctor Branyon, all of the Doctors, all the therapist, all the nurses, all the staff here in New Hope Unlimited for this New Hope that has been instilled upon me. I noticed in God’s hand in this time and I have to say the love, the treatments received here were unprecedented from anywhere in the whole world I highly recommended. Even if you came in from to not, and you really had no diseased which I have thought a little bit ahead of time. I find it to be very useful and from now on you’ll be seeing me quite often here to be able to bring myself back to center and balanced so I can serve in the world the way I am meant to be. Thank you for this opportunity and I thanked and blessed each and every one of you.