Hi, my name is Marie Davis and I’m from Normal, Illinois. I’m here at the clinic now and I’m sure if you’re watching this, you’re struggling like I did. I’m gonna try to get through this. A lot of pressure, a lot of people saying don’t go to Mexico. I tried to uh.. Go to the internet and I got so overwhelmed and so confused and no idea what to do, but I ended up saying to my creator I can’t do this without you and I just gave it to him to work. And from that moment everything started to falling place for me. I tried some other treatment at home because i thought my family would be better because I wouldn’t be away and it was not good. Low dose chemo and a lot of supplements they say will try this.. Try that maybe it will work and felt terrible and all the time I just knew in my mind I was not to be there, I needed to be here. So I make my reservations and I was ready to go. I talk to a few more people and i got scared and i cancelled. So I kept praying and finally, I quit fighting. I keep telling God, I can’t do it …. I can’t do it, You need to do it and he did. I made another plan reservation, from the moment is got here , i knew this is where i needed to be. It’s a couple of miles all the line big deal they called it Mexico but everyone’s speaks English, it’s a overwhelming beautiful facility. They treat you wonderfully , i tell with my friends they treat me like a Queen and they feed me like a King. The food is wonderful, if you’re used to McDonalds , might be a mid a little adjustment for you, but if you’re eating healthy now oh you’re gonna love it you will want all the recipes. But the big thing is get yourself here, embrace what they’re doing. Everything they do, they’ve research all over the world. They have the best treatments, they sort through it , they take all the confusion out for you. I have a boatload of supplements, I’m thinking maybe I should take this, maybe I should take that and now I know, the supplements that I’m taking are pure, they’re not filled with junk. They haven’t been sitting on the shelf at Walmart or wherever. And the Doctor’s, that is the main part of this treatment , the doctor’s, the research, the science. They’re not just throwing things against the wall and filling you with flop. This treatments worked, they helped you, they heal you. In the states, they wanted me to wanted me to do six  months chemotherapy and then operate. Here, they did two weeks of my extensive treatments, I’m better. My numbers are better, I can see my blood better. And then I asked them because I was so confident about the work if they could do surgery here. And they are , and it works between my insurance , what i would have to pay…… what I pay here is well well worth it and the care and the aftercare I’m not gonna be eating Jello and 7 up when I recover. It’s really not a hard decision and i hope it’s not for you, I hope this helps. God bless you.