Hi, I’m Larry McGreevy and this is my wife Day(?) and were from Maryland. We found New Hope through the internet. I  had struggled with a brain tumor for 13,14 years and we were looking for a place to get healed and with that, we came to Mexico and what we found here was a very very positive place, very organized place where we didn’t have to do much of anything but do what we’re told and really gave us a lot of courage to sit and work through all this and…. (wife speaking) Just glad we came because he was at the end of any traditional treatments, we decided not to do the intravenous chemo because we read a lot about it and we just didn’t feel comfortable so I started looking and somehow I found this place and I just inquired and they were very helpful to get us here, we came here very quickly because of different things that were going on with Larry and we are very happy this is for straight, people are wonderful , is clean, and bright beautiful here and we just felt really comfortable, almost like the soon as we got here. Dr. Branyon is an amazing woman who has a lot of integrity and lot of information, lot of love so we would just recommend this place to anybody who’s looking for other than traditional treatment or alternative treatments that are gonna be ongoing , that’s thing I really like ,they don’t just bring you’re here for 12 days and then let you hang there with you. They work with you for as long as you want them to at least for four months or more …… were just very grateful to this place and opportunity to have come here ( Larry Speaking ) and I have pretty much have ran straight out with the radiation. I just couldn’t it take anymore, had chemo and just knew that I needed something that’s was gonna meet the needs in order to whip this a scourge which is cancer and mine was just in the brain so we needed a place and this was our place to go and were glad we came.