My journey started December of 2015. I went in for just a routine, mammogram. I had a history of a benign, tumors in the right breast but this routine mammogram starting to show some suspicion in the left breast but I did not have any concern whatsoever because of the story that I have in the right breast since 1999. I had two open biopsies in the right breast where they remove numerous tumors and then biopsies are done and the outcome is that they are always benign the cancer. So when I got a call, I needed to come back in because I need to have some additional views. I didn’t think anything about it and they conduct and when I am in they said that I need to do an ultrasound that was normal because always ultrasound needs to be done and then radiologist came in and said we discover suspicious activity and we need to do biopsy. I used to say when you’re in that type of situation the worst is not knowing. Until I got a call a few days before Christmas of 2015. Pathologist called, she asked how I was doing. I laughed and said well I guess it’s been what about you need to tell me and I laughed well she did laugh and she got quiet. I knew she was probably about to tell me and that when she said I’m sorry but you have breast cancer. I immediately went in to a state of shock. I don’t know what she said after that after she said the word “cancer” associated with my name. It was truly for me the worst news that I could have ever gotten. Just so happened, I was at my church. I went back in and told the pastor the news that I had got. He come on his office and cried with me, he prayed with me and I was at least able to comeback my composure together to drive home and call my person which is my daughter and give her the news. I went through the protocols that was required of me and went to saw my former chemo physician so he can give me the official news of my diagnosis.


He then referred me to oncologist and surgeon and my oncologist was probably the right one for me because he was very good. He was non-compassionate and as he is talking to me about radiation chemo. Everytime he said the word “radiation chemo” I respond but I don’t want radiation chemo and he would say radiation chemo and I said but I don’t want radiation chemo. So when you see the surgeon make sure he must support it and I said what I need to  foreford, for your chemo. I said but I don’t want a chemo so he must said it twenty times. I must respond the exact same way every time. So he could not though talk to me really about chemotherapy because he did not have the third page about pathology report that have the harmonial part of my pathology so he rescheduled me to comeback in and I come back in in a few days when he had that part of my pathology report. He came in a room saying ” I had a great news, you’re triple negative, I can now offer you chemo but I don’t know what triple negative meant and I responded the exact same way that I always responded but i don’t want chemo so he went on, explaining some sort of things, about different type of chemo and then he mentions chemo so finally I stop and listen. Instead of us doing this dance and everytime you bring up the word radiation chemo and I say I don’t want it and you totally ignore me and what i’m saying. One of two simply ask me why I don’t want chemo, because what? I said ask me he said okay, Why don’t you want chemo? I said well first of all, I was a bone marrow donor for my sister who was diagnosed with leukemia thirty four years ago. She needed a perfect match and of all of the siblings, I was the perfect match. So we went to Fred Hutchinson Research Center which was the place that you go backed in to have a bone marrow transplant. We went to the whole procedure exactly the way it they need to be done. What it have her another year life, she was mean what is now for over thirty years and then I told him about my past career experience where I was a doctor assistant and I ran medical offices for over twenty three years and that twenty three years career, I worked for oncologist and hematologist and I got to see first hand what was like when someone came in like myself that was full of energy, full of life and had a will to live and how quickly their health change, how quickly the life was poisoned out of them. One day I talk at them, they look healthy as I did and then on Monday, I opening up the mail and there’s a death certificate. I doubt then and that was in my late twenties that it got from bed. It’s the worst news ever that I have got which is cancer. I will never submit myself to such that protocol well instead of having empathy for me and understanding why I didn’t want radiation chemo he simply look at me, straight in eye said you have no choice but get radiation chemo well that’s all he did it to say because I stood up cause I had to do my research, I stood up and said “I do have a choice, to get radiation chemo and I have another choice not to get radiation chemo so you haven’t heard a word that I’ve said yet. So now let me say it and worst it and maybe you now understand. I will not be getting radiation and I will not be getting chemo and he goes “Not” I said “No”. So I walked out that day oncologist. I knew what I wasn’t going to get. Now I had to find that place that treated in my own belief system that they need to be holistic, that they need to give my body what it need because I knew that God design our bodies to heal itself. All we need is to give it what it needed to have to be able to do that and for my research, I knew that the immune system was the key to pass the survival.


So then I started my research, I went in research several facilities. I knew in order to keep the treatment that I need, that it was not going to be easy, that it does not going to be provided in the US and in the US, all that is offer is what they call the big three: which is surgery, radiation, chemo. Well the problem that I had with this standard of care besides of my past experience with my sister and the fact that when I worked for oncologist and hematologist where I saw how frail and how sick and what is suffering protocol the standard of care was I’m a businesswoman and I always was the person that handle stats in the company that I run and Stats is the measuring stick that how well the company is doing. So I start searching for stats. And when ran across the stats that the overall success rate of the standard of care was a 2-3% success rate. I need a better stat that not. So I started doing my research and I found three facilities that I was considering but there was one that I was just drawn to because it was because of the fact that that how they address cancer. This facility New Hope Unlimited treated cancer differently and looked at cancer differently. And instead of trying to put a band date or treating symptoms of cancer they want to caused of cancer and then treated the caused through immunotherapy and supported therapies and that intrigued me and when I found that I knew that that was my best shot at survival. So I was a single woman, retired on a fixed income. If anybody that could say that they can’t afford an out of pocket program it was me. My budget is tight is a capacity pay but I realized that if I had the right protocol then I knew that I could fight the cancer and win. And when I said I don’t have my budget let me see what I do have. So I started surgery. So well I had a long career where I had a forward day that I had contributed to. Well my adjusted good business said for single female who was retire on a fix income to deep in forward day but the way I look that was this” If I use that money and got the treatment that I need and survived cancer, I didn’t know how. I said I could always go back and earned it back but if I didn’t used that money and I didn’t survive cancer it was just serve to somebody else anyway. So I just took a leap. I know the noise out there. I know the scared tactics our doctor used. And the scare tactic. My doctor used to try it convince me that I was under the triple negative and the fact that I was in grade three. It was my own research that I release and found out the great three way and triple negative was. All my friend and families wanted to know what stage are you and when I said stage one they got “Oh, they went it called earlier that be just fine but when I did my research and found out what the grade three was, a grade three is the cancer cells are wild and fast spreading and a triple negative meant I was no longer producing the three hormones that have receptors to receive treatment good or bad which is the most difficult to treat type of cancer cells because this is resistant to treatment so traditionally my prognosis was very poor. It would have been surgery radiation chemo, surgery radiation chemo until I was no longer here and I had decided that I would rather put my life in the hands of my creator and just take my chances rather than submit my chances to that 2-3% success rate and such a barbaric treatment.


So in my research I found New Hope. I felt drawn to them immediately. I talk to their patient care coordinator when I was told the cost that’s when I said well here’s what I do have. I was reminded the woman in the bible with had the blood disease and she had spend the all that she had on physicians and yet she was not well but she said that if as Jesus was walking by. If I just touched the hair of his garment, I know that it will be made whole and that word just spoke to me that I had to be willed to give all that I have. If I wanted the result so I did I put it all on the line. I decided that these will be gonna be the best decision that I ever made or I gonna live to tell that this is the worst decision that I ever made so I put it all on the line. I could honestly say and I can describe to you what is like to treated New Hope. I really had to bear some had about the fact that it is in Mexico. I was attracted to the protocols and that I was attracted to the success rate and I was attracted to the treatment. You can argue a lot of things, you could argue protocols, you could argue whatever but if you can’t argue results. I am here to tell you today that I had now there is no ever disease. I faithful out and connected to my creator I stayed focus on the results and I got the result that I believe for. If you are here, watch this video today. I want to tell you no matter what doctors tell you, you do have the choice because I’m living proof. Thank you.