Hi, my name is Hugo Ramiro Estrada. I was born in  Chihuahua Mexico but I was mainly raised in Winnemucca Nevada and I’m doing this video because I just wanna let whoever is taking or going out struggling with, either cancer or whatever the case may be. A lot of times people they’re going through rough times, not only sickness but any rough time they think. You know, the mind is clouded by the stress and panic of what is going on and you think that there is no hope but just wanted to let people know that here at New Hope Unlimited there is hope that’s why they named it New Hope. The staff here is very nice. When I first came here I felt like I was  the way the staff and, anyone from the doctor, to a nurse, to cook, someone’s that cleaning they make you feel like you’re with family and you feel very comfortable everything’s very clean here the room that you’re staying, everywhere you go it’s nice and neat, it’s modern so they make you feel really comfortable and kinda takes that panic or that uneasiness away or you can relax and you can begin your treatment with a whatever is going on in your life. And in my case you know, I don’t have cancer but I didn’t feel too good and I didn’t  really know who I should go to so I started looking through the internet and I saw New Hope and I started talking to a New Hope’s personnel and right away from the first phone call, first person I spoke with, very professional, very polite and they give you a feeling that you’re talking to a family and I’m here for preventive, preventative I had, and you know had several test on and one of the things that I like about what they have here is that, once you come in they do initial check up on you and appointment that you set up with them, and they’ll do the blood work there’s a several places out here in Sanuvria Colorado Sonora, where if you need an x-ray, if you need lab work either they do it here, and if they don’t have it’s within a block, two blocks and the results are there right away you don’t have to be all anxious and once the team here New Hope once they have everything together then they make it plan that’s specific to you to your needs whatever is going on, whether it might be cancer or whatever the case maybe and they will carefully dissect everything that’s going on with your blood work and when they talk to you and they come up with a plan specific for you and they make sure that they take care your health wise, make you feel family. So I don’t know out there, I’m not normally, I don’t like going on video but the reason I’m doing this is if there’s anyone out there that has no hope or feel like they have no hope they should give New Hope Unlimited a try and talk to Michelle Pacheco, Nancy or whoever are you talk to and you will see that there is hope. Thank you that’s all I had to say.