Hi my name is Hugo Estrada, I was born in Chihuahua Mexico but I was mainly in raised in Winnemucca Nevada and I’m looked up New Hope Unlimited actually I wasn’t even looking for new hope specifically. I was just looking you know at the different alternative out there besides what we had in the states and I saw, I was looking inimmunotherapy I was interested in immunotherapy and New Hope Unlimited came up and gave me a call in Scottsdale Arizona and right away I within maybe 4 hours when they called me  and they told me a little bit the basics of how the new hope unlimited work. And I was very interested and from the beginning, from the very first phone call even from the webpage you feel that ease, you feel that you can talk to them and once I did talk to them they made an appointment for me and I came for my appointment and I was talking to Dr. Pacheco and Dr. Magannes and  Michelle Pacheco and talk to her to, I believe. And they explain to me too their way of process and just again it that made me feel at ease and I just that I was able to talk to them openly and they told me that they would get back of me cause one of the things they do here from what I see here in New Hope Unlimited is they make an appointment, they talk to you if you need to get any blood work any result that you cannot get from the states for whatever reasons they will make sure that you will get everything here its very inexpensive and everything all the laboratories, doctors, x-rays, MRI’s anything you need to get it’s really closed to the hospital and they provide transportation. In my case I speak Spanish and English so your language would not fine with me but I’ve noticed that every member of the staffs here speaks English very well better than me and I’ve been in the US since 1981. And once they talked to you and make an appointment they get all the blood works the doctor they don’t keep up you right away because they carefully look at different scenarios and different possible treatments and they carefully came up with the plan specifically for every individual and that is one of the things that I like. Now that I’m done with this week I’m going back to the states, I see that their planning and the specific program for each individual that works out great and I’ve been here for five days and actually don’t wanna go back I wanna stay here. The staff their very Gustavo which is the head nurse and all the nurses their wonderful people they take care of you, they look up for you as soon as you come here to this hospital you feel like your actually with family they take care of you and they constantly checking at you have a phone right there you can get up and ask them anything, the food is great here and I’m just thankful that I did find this place and thankful again to Dr. Branyon, she’s the director and the way she came up to this whole plan and started organizing and everything throughout everything that new hope does its very excellent, excellent service especially talking about your health and I’m just very thankful to everyone and I’m glad that I made the decision to come over here thank you.