Connie: Hi there! My name is Connie and I live in Georgia, I’m fifty-one(51) years old and in December 2017 I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, TNBC, its what I learned it was called, It’s a very aggressive type breast cancer, I learned that it can grow very fast and often comes back and when it comes back it comes back with a vengeance.

So immediately upon diagnosis I was told pretty much I had to do chemotherapy radiation surgery and I knew in my heart I would never do chemo, I just watched too many people close to my family go through that journey and including my own mother-in-law, have a breast cancer and within 2 years she was gone, so I knew right away I was not gonna do that type of treatment. I immediately begun searching, anyway, that brought me to New Hope! They worked it out and I’m so glad I came here because I can’t even begin to describe the experience here, the twelve(12) days I’ve been here it’s very different than what I thought, it’s actually been fabulous from the moment I stepped on to the shuttle, to come across the border, to the team and the staff and the warm welcome and the hugs, just everything was wonderful.

From the treatments, they explain everything to me. They just gave me a lot of detail, the educational component was very clear and what was gonna be happening, why it was happening. It’s very thorough and the treatments just made sense to me, it’s just I’m so glad I got to come here and it’s definitely made a difference and I know I’m gonna be doing great after these and gonna continue plugging away at the recommended protocols and I hope to keep in touch with the staff because everybody’s like a big family here and it’s been really neat and gosh I could say so much more but I don’t like being on camera so anyway, I just want to say thank you New Hope and everybody that’s just got out of their way to accommodate and help and love on us through this journey so thank you.