Eric: My name is Eric Logren

Charla: and I’m Charlotte Logren

Eric: Were from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our journey started back over a month ago when my Wife Charla, found that she had cancer that would metastasize to her brain, to her lungs, to her lymph node, and also in her thumb of all places. 5 years ago she went through conventional medicine and did the chemo, did the radiation, did the surgery. and we were celebrating her 5 year anniversary, and it came back. Before the 4th radiation treatment she got very ill, she was nauseous all the time, and I could see that she was not gonna be able to go through all 10 radiation treatments.

Charla: I was so sick, i couldn’t get out of bed, i couldn’t eat, i couldn’t drink, i was throwing up, and i had to go in for my radiation treatment. and they got me in the office really quick, and when he came in he goes, oh! you look worse than i got you that kind of look. And he sat across the room in that chair and i just told him how bad i felt and he was disconnected, he was different, and he said, you know you can quit this. But he said if you quit all your treatments, you’ll be gone within a month. he said, if you do the radiation and the chemo you might have 4 months. And he was cold, he was direct to it, and it really sunk me. it just made me do a nose dive, just to have somebody told me that and it took my hope away.

Eric: When that doctor gave Charla that death sentence, it was clear to me that conventional medicine could no longer help my wife. chemo, radiation, surgery, that’s all they had to offer, which is not very much at all. And it was that point we walked out, I was in touch with New Hope and there was divine intervention because we were able to get down here, a bed opened up, we came down here, Charla was doing very very well with the treatments that were receiving.

Charla: All the staff, they’re caring, they’re loving, they become your family, it’s so different than I was used to be around and they take such good care of you, the doctors pay attention to you, they are warm, they’re very knowledgeable, and you need a test or anything, you’re there.

Eric: Their holistic approach to healing cancer works, conventional medicine is doing nothing but putting poison in our bodies. There is no poison here, it’s all nutrition, its all about building the immune system, and its all about the immuno therapy and it works.

Eric: I really want to thank Dr. Branyon, the Doctors and all the staff here at  New Hope they have been God sent for us and given us a large amount of hope