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What is Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma?

Arming yourself with essential information is one of your best defenses against a progressive disease.

Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma is an extremely rare and aggressive form of chondrosarcoma — a bone cancer arising from cartilage cells. About two-thirds of mesenchymal chondrosarcomas occur in the bones of the spine, ribs, or jaw. Other cases of this malignant disease develop in soft tissues that support, connect, or surround organs. Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma often metastasizes (spreads) to other areas of the body and can cause life-threatening complications.

Mesenchymal Chondrosarcomas We Treat at New Hope Unlimited

We offer treatments for the two types of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma:

Skeletal Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma

Involves the bones of the body.

Extraskeletal Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma

Involves the soft tissues of the body.

Symptoms of Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma

Signs of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma depend on the exact location and progression of the tumor. Most mesenchymal chondrosarcomas arise in the bones and cause:

  • Persistent bone pain
  • Swelling or a palpable mass
  • Pressure around the mass
  • Fracture due to weakened bone

Because this cancer has vague symptoms, it is recommended to visit your doctor for regular check-ups to catch the disease early. If something is amiss with the way your body functions, consult your doctor right away.

Causes of Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma

Currently, the exact cause of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma is unknown, and no identifiable risk factors for mesenchymal chondrosarcoma have been discovered. However, there is a slight predisposition toward the female gender, although males can also develop this malignancy.

Diagnostic Tests for Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma

Early detection is key to improving your prognosis and life expectancy. To accurately diagnose mesenchymal chondrosarcoma, your doctor may order the following procedures:

  • Evaluation of medical history
  • Complete physical examination
  • Bone x-rays
  • Computed tomography (CT) scans
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) scans
  • Sample tissue removal or biopsy, including:
    • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy of the tumor
    • Core biopsy of the tumor
    • Open biopsy of the tumor

Why Choose Us for Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma Alternative Treatments?

Here at New Hope Unlimited, we believe that no patient should be backed into a corner by cancer. To address mesenchymal chondrosarcoma, we customize each patient’s treatment based on their individual symptoms, previous treatments prior to us, age, general health, and other factors associated with the disease. Our treatments, which is a unique combination of conventional and holistic therapies, aim to reverse your symptoms and reboot your immune system to fight off and prevent cancer recurrence. It’s not too late. Click here to learn more about your options.

Our Approach

Advanced Treatments for Mesenchymal ChondrosarcomaAdvanced Treatments for Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma
Top Alternative Cancer DoctorsTop-Rated Physicians
Individualized Cancer CareComprehensive Care
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Our Patient-Centric Medical Facilities

At New Hope Unlimited, we pride ourselves in providing superior comfort, cleanliness, and cancer care at our 8,000 square foot medical treatment center in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. We worked with renowned architects and contractors to create the ideal space for recovery, which includes state-of-the-art lounge areas and spacious private in-rooms that assure the comfort of our patients and their loved ones.

To make our patients feel right at home, we equip each private ward with high-definition U.S. television, quality bedding, and high-speed internet connection. And with proper nutrition playing a vital role in cancer recovery, New Hope Unlimited also fulfills the dietary needs of each patient using fresh, organic produce to prepare breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners.

Comfort and cleanliness are also strictly implemented in our medical treatment rooms, which are equipped with the latest medical supplies and technology to provide the highest standard of care and treatment. Our medical center also has an in-house Hyperbaric Chamber, a well-established therapy for decompression sickness, exclusively available for our patients’ use.

Further, New Hope Unlimited has maintained its exceptional partnership with Hospital Migoo, a medical group composed of certified physicians and specialists committed to our patients’ care and well-being.

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1. Who is at risk for mesenchymal chondrosarcoma?

This cancer usually affects young adults between the ages of 15 to 35 years. However, some people over 74 years old have been diagnosed with mesenchymal chondrosarcoma.

2. What specific treatments does New Hope Unlimited offer?

From nutrient supplementation to infrared sauna detoxification therapy, click here to read about our alternative mesenchymal chondrosarcoma treatments.


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