September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Woman SmilingSeptember is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. There are more than just a few activities you can start participating in to be supportive this month. Among women, cancer of the ovaries accounts for almost three per cent. In death related to cancer in women, it is the fifth cause which is most common. Among cancers, it is also the ninth most common. Cancers such as this are curable but this is not an easy feat.

One of the Deadliest

Among cancers that women get, cancer of the ovaries is one of the most deadly. It is thus the responsibility of every individual to help in raising awareness and focusing on k the issue this month. In order to raise funds and awareness for research about this type of cancer, there are seminars, talks and tea parties as well as public auctions that you can participate in. Funds are used usually to assist the efforts to improve methods of screening as well as to help find more options of treatment.


For women to be aware of ovarian cancer, it helps to spread information to the disease. Part of this is knowing the symptoms. At earlier stages, ovarian cancer symptoms involve painful sex, post menopausal bleeding, digestive problems, increased girth of the abdomen and incontinence. Pain in the abdomen may or may not be present as well. There are also measures of prevention women can take to lessen the likelihood of this type of cancer from occurring. These measures of prevention include limiting the use of talcum powder, taking pills for birth control and having babies in their twenties.  Eating limited dairy products as well as creating limits in the dietary intake of saturated fat also helps. Getting a hysterectomy or getting their ovaries removed will also lessen the risk that women may potentially have for this disease.

Teal in Color

The ovarian cancer awareness month official color is teal. This means that in the month of September, when you see people wearing teal ribbons, this is for the purpose of helping to spread the word about cancer of the ovaries or that they know someone who is suffering from it.

Show Support

One easy way you can be supportive this month for ovarian cancer is to wear pins with teal ribbons in them, teal charms and teal wristbands made of silicone during this celebrative month. When you display products such as these that promote awareness, you then help people who are not aware about what this cause really is about. It also helps in getting women educated in being able to quickly recognize each warning sign or possible symptoms. Thus, the detection of cancer is at an earlier stage when it is easier to deal with than when it spreads. To further support this cause, you can make donations to various causes that support research with regard to this disease.  Other ways of supporting this cause is to organize walkathons or even go on networks where people who have overcome this disease which they once have share what they went through.

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