Know the 3 Secrets Why Cancer Cure Improves with Yoga

Yoga Practitioner

Why Yoga?

Patients afflicted with cancer find yoga to be a great stress reliever. Even those who are so weak from the treatments will find relief from doing the yoga poses even if it’s only a small movement

The toughest part of fighting cancer is the pain and the fatigue caused by the cancer treatment in addition to coping up with the sickness of the body. More people are getting interested in using holistic means to healing from cancer.

Here are some reasons why you should look into Yoga as an alternative medicine

Yoga detoxifies the body

Yoga pushes the body to release the wastes in the body like lactic acid, carbon dioxide and lymphatic liquid through systematic compression and stretching of the body. It pushes, pulls, twists tissues through the deep ends of extremities to remove the waste and that is something a typical cardiovascular can’t do.

Proper breathing through yoga also contributes to detoxification by helping eliminate carbon dioxide effectively from our lungs. Yogic breathing stimulates proper digestion in the stomach and can also help in removing stool from the intestine.

This benefit alone will help in clearing your body of the bad chemicals that can worsen your cancer.

Yoga strengthens the body

Yoga poses are designed to reinforce the muscles in the back especially around the spine. Strengthening the spine helps in alleviating back, neck and shoulder pain. Also, muscles are developed through repetition of yoga poses. These tissues are pulled and contracted on every yoga pose especially if they are done for a long time, building muscles along the way.

It also adds flexibility and agility to the body as arms and legs are stretched. Power yoga which is a combination of isometric exercises paired with deep breathing is effective in developing the core of the body. Once the core is aligned and well, wellness flows to all parts of the body.

Tissues that are lost to cancer or chemical or radiation treatment are rebuilt better, stronger and leaner by those that practice yoga.

Yoga improves the immune system

Finally, yoga improves overall health by improving the immune system. The healthier an immune system is the better it can cure the cancer. Yoga vitalizes four main body systems that help boost immunity; the nervous, circulatory, digestive and endocrine system.

There was a study done by the University of Oslo where they had participants do a weeklong yoga retreat. The researchers then took blood samples from them and studied their peripheral blood mononuclear cells. These cells are vital to the immune system.

They found out that yoga had an effect on the expression of 38 genes in these immune system cells. A robust immune cell definitely accounts for a robust immune system in the whole body.

Do the Yoga Now

Practicing yoga is not only a fad; it’s a great holistic total body workout good for your mind, body and spirit. A few yoga sessions a day can help a lot in building a better body free from cancer.

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