Alternative Cancer Treatments: 4 Points to Consider

Alternative Cancer Treatments: 4 Points to ConsiderAn on-going battle with the big C is often a prolonged one. However, advances in medicine and numerous discoveries have widened the range in which people can overcome cancer, from conventional medical procedures to alternative cancer treatments.

However, not all patients may be suitable candidates for alternative cancer treatments, as there are several factors to consider before deciding on a proper treatment plan.

First, you should forgo thinking that alternative medicine may be the only way to battle the big C. Alternative cancer treatments may not directly cure the disease, though they may help you cope with the signs and symptoms associated with the illness. Bear in mind that the best possible ways to fight and win over the disease is a combination of conventional therapy and alternative medicine, not one over the other.

Meanwhile, there are other dynamics that you need to check to make alternative treatments work for you.


  1. A close, working relationship with the doctor.

An alternative treatment specialist may offer suggestions and guidelines on what may be the best way to complement your medical treatment, though you will need to work closely with your doctor to make sure that these treatments balance the on-going therapy. This is true whatever stage the treatment is, even in post-cancer rehabilitation.


  1. A complete rundown of the medical treatment.

Having a general knowledge of your on-going medical battle against the big C is not enough if you wish to pursue alternative treatments. You must learn the tiniest details of your case, since it will also have an impact on other treatments. For example, going for an acupuncture to ease chemotherapy nausea is advised by most doctors, particularly if done with licensed practitioners. However, the process is risky if your medication includes blood thinners, or if you have low blood counts.


  1. Not all alternative treatments will work.

Close monitoring between your doctor and the alternative medicine specialist is important since they will be the ones to check which treatments will be appropriate to your case. Even the most benign procedures such as massage and meditation will need to be reviewed if they can be suited to your treatment, since there are patients who should generally avoid massages (particularly with bone-related diseases), and there are also those who are prone to excessive exhaustion and sleeping during the course of cancer treatments.


  1. Special cases during cancer rehabilitation.

While alternative treatments are generally safe, there are cases where patient becomes weak due to continuous medical therapy, and this must be thought of before undergoing any type of alternative treatment. A specialist may suggest exercise as part of rehabilitation, but it should be noted that the patient can only do so much, and appropriate levels of activities should only be considered. On the other hand, chemotherapy sessions may weaken bodily functions, so it is best to put off some alternative treatments like diet and detoxification.

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