10 Fail Proof Strategies to Quit Smoking

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Do you want to quit smoking? Good for you! Here are some way to help you quit smoking faster and hopefully, easier.
Around the world, millions of people want to quit smoking but don’t have the willpower.  Aside from trying to rid your body of nicotine, people who want to quit smoking also need to quit the habit of reaching for the next cigarette. This is why fail proof strategies to quit smoking are necessary.  To quit smoking effectively, decide which of these strategies will work for you. This way, you can say goodbye to cigarettes for good. 

New Hope Unlimited - Strategies to quit smoking
Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy

With the method of hypnotherapy or hypnosis, you are placed under hypnosis in order to quit smoking. This can be done with audio products or with a hypnotherapist. Some people are known to have shown a response to a single hypnotic session. This method deals mainly with less apparent emotional issues of individuals who smoke when they feel stressed out or those who are emotional smokers. If this is the kind of smoker you are, this treatment will be sure to work effectively for you.

Prescription Medication

Withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be reduced greatly with the use of prescription drugs. For example, a medication called Chantix works on the same brain receptors that nicotine stimulates and interrupts the derived pleasure that a person who smokes feels. Chantix also works by preventing the stimulation of nicotine on the brain by occupying similar receptors. When taking medications such as this, you won’t really derive the same level of pleasure that you did when you used to smoke them. Thus, there will be less chances of you reaching for another cigarette.

Gradual Reduction

For this method, setting a date for quitting is the first step.  Gradual reduction involves cutting down progressively on cigarettes until you cut them out completely. For instance, you smoke a total of ten cigarettes each day; you might set a goal of quitting in ten days. Reduce your smoking to one stick daily until you completely quit by the time the tenth day comes along.  Compared to other methods, the withdrawal symptoms and cravings felt are reduced significantly.

Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey is one fail proof strategy to quit smoking. Setting a date to quit smoking is the first thing you need to do to go cold turkey. Once the date arrives, throw out all your matches, lighters and cigarettes as well as every object that reminds you of being a smoker. With the cold turkey method, you will notice that the symptoms of withdrawal are at their most intense. Reportedly, there is a ten per cent success rate. With prescription medication or nicotine replacement therapy done along with quitting smoking cold turkey, you will most likely be able to cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings.


Ear Stapling

One method that uses acupuncture techniques to help smokers deal with their cravings until they finally quit smoking for good is called ear stapling. Ear stapling activates ear pressure points that correspond to body organs. For body detoxification, this is considered one fail-proof treatment that really works. Since 500 BC, ear stapling has been practiced and has also been known to work for acid reflux, tension headaches, stress and weight loss. Smokers are able to get over their smoking habit when they get their ears stapled since surgical stainless steel small sutures are placed in the ear’s outer parts that release endorphins. These send a relaxing, calming signal to the frontal cortex. This procedure may hurt momentarily but the pain is similar to getting pierced ears, and for most folks, is worth it.


Orange Juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice helps replenish the vitamins needed by your system while at the same time helps you deal with the cravings. Drinking a lot of orange juice is a fail safe way to quit smoking since oranges cause urine to become more acidic which helps in eliminating nicotine from your system more rapidly. As a matter of fact, all citrus fruits reportedly have this effect including mandarins, tangerines, pomelos, kumquats, grapefruits, limes and lemons. To use oranges for quitting smoking, simple decide how you want to eat oranges. Next, either store these whole or sliced in air tight containers in the refrigerator. To quit smoking, eat two oranges per day or drink two eight-ounce glasses of orange juice each day. The first couple of days after you quit, the levels of nicotine are at their highest. When you crave for a cigarette, drink a glass of orange juice or eat an orange.

Ear Magnets

Another fail proof method of quitting smoking is using ear magnets. This involves 2 magnets, one small and one large one attached to the ear. Since the magnets attract each other, they stay on your ear without falling off. With this method, there is no need to have your ears pierced. Ear magnets need to be worn for up to four hours daily as these are positioned on acupressure points that help eliminate a person’s craving to smoke cigarettes. The magnets positioned on the right pressure points reportedly cause the dopamine transmitter to be produced in the brain and the natural chemical controls feelings of pleasure in the body and satisfaction.  When this happens, withdrawal symptoms are eliminated and there is a reduction in the need for nicotine.

Using a Nicotine Patch

A nicotine patch works by releasing nicotine into the bloodstream gradually throughout each day. This patch is a transdermal patch which causes the release of nicotine into the skin’s outer layer which later moves up into the body. A nicotine patch comes in doses of seven, fourteen and twenty-one milligrams. Your doctor will usually prescribe a dose depending on how many cigarettes you smoke each day. If you are a pack-a-day smoker, you will most likely be prescribed the highest dose, which is twenty-one milligrams for the duration of 6 weeks before gradually reducing your patch dosage to fourteen milligrams. On the other hand, those who smoke one to five cigarette sticks per day may be prescribed the smallest patch dosage first.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy at low levels is one fail proof strategy to quit smoking as well. The technique involves gently stimulating inserted needles that are hair-thin into specific body point to trigger a natural response of healing. Cold lasers at fine points are emitted into pressure points that stimulate the endorphin production system of the body.  Quit smoking using low level laser therapy and you may just be surprised how much your cravings have suddenly stopped.

Anti-Smoking Pills

To reduce your urge to smoke as well as withdrawal symptoms that quitters go through, anti-smoking p

ills such as Zyban can help. These contain no nicotine, but do affect brain chemicals such as norepinephrine, dopamine, acetylcholine and beta endorphins that are related with cigarette addiction.


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