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Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer is considered as one of the most lethal among cancers. Every year, plenty of people die from this disease as compared to those with breast or colon cancers. It usually strikes older adults. Cigarette smoking is commonly known as the leading cause of lung cancer but things like asbestos and air pollution exposure to secondhand smoke can also put a person at risk for this disease.It attacks not only smokers, but those who have quit the habit and even the healthiest among us.
Surviving this particular illness is more advantageous the quicker it is diagnosed. It is also important that one should always know and understand its symptoms.Shortness of Breath
Shortness of breath is one of the most common symptoms of lung cancer. Everyday activities can be a bane because of this difficulty and at times it can be disregarded or attributed to simple factors like lack of exercise, ageing or weight gain. If you are always left huffing and puffing after a certain activity like scaling the stairs to your 4th floor apartment, then you have get that appointment and have a chat with your resident physician.Back/Shoulder/Chest/Arm Pain
This specific cancer type can bear down on your body’s nerves which can bring about aching in the back, chest, shoulder and even the arms. If you frequently notice pain on those parts mentioned that doesn’t appear to be connected to an injury, you have to talk to your doctor right away. Patients with lung cancer often complain of experiencing back or chest pain, most particularly discomfort that escalates with breathing and coughs.Persistent Coughing
A lot of people often attribute lingering coughs to allergies, colds or the weather. However, if the
coughing lasts for a long time it can be an indication of something other than a simple allergy or cold. It can be overlooked as well especially if you have an ailment that prompts you to coughing fits such as asthma or chronic bronchitis. Hemoptysis or coughing up blood is another common sign of lung cancer although the blood present in the phlegm can be a tad faint or tiny in amount. If you are still enduring constant coughs, be sure to get an appointment to your doctor ASAP.Lung cancer is a life debilitating disease that should be addressed as soon as possible. There are conventional treatments for treating this sickness like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But if you are wary of these kinds of methods and you need a more holistic approach to fighting this particular ailment, then an alternative lung cancer treatment is the one for you. Alternative cancer treatment clinics like New Hope Medical Center concentrates on maximizing and strengthening a patient’s immune system with their tried and tested natural therapies.The stronger the immune system, the faster the tumor will relapse. This is what alternative cancer treatment clinics swear by. New Hope Medical Center provides individualized treatments to patients, and its staff believes in methods like detoxification and employing anti-tumor procedures that vow to dispel and eradicate all traces of this deadly disease.Click here for our blog Disclaimer.
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